Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

Jib for beer night

Once again La Farbik da big ski company organised a new contest in collaboration with one of the best italian skiers Tobias Vinatzer. Under the name „jib for beer night“ there will be a night rail jam-session.The fight for the 50 beers price-money will be on and it‘s probably not necessary to mention the motivation for this will be huge and the following after-party will be a baller!!!!
But also for all guests and spectators everything is arranged to be happy. Beside the big action they can for sure expect, a big amount of mull wine and a live DJ will care for an unique ambiance. The kick off will happen with the qualifications from 8pm till 9pm, which will be a jam session. After a short break the best 8 riders will fight in a K.O.-battle for the glorious victory! So as you can see a lot of action and excitement is guaranteed!

19.30: lights/music on!!
20.00-21.00: jam session (qualifications)
+get a beer for a sick trick!!!
21.00-21.30: reshape/chill
21.30-22.30: finals (best 8) KO-system
22.45 -01.00: prizegiving & party at Luislkeller
prizemoney: 50 beers & lots of gadget
Raffaele Cusini
Davide Cusini
Valentino Mori
Andrea Conci
Matthias Fabbro
Lukas Schäfer
Martin Premstaller
Lukas Gasser
Patrick Pattori
Daniel Tschurtschenthaler
Ambros Fürstaller
Matthias Leitner
Hannes Mussner
Bernard Mahlknecht
Michael Mair am Tinkhof
Tobias Vinatzer

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