Montag, 13. Dezember 2010

Jib for beer night presented by La Fabrik

nearly 1 million people came last saturday to wach noumerous pros competing at the "Jib 4 beer night" presented by La Fabrik. And as I sad the host and one of Italy's best skiers Tobi Vinatzer invited the creme de la creme of the Itanian, Austrain and German ski scene. Nobody was nervous cause there weren't  big cheques to win. The price pool was 50 beers.  And the winner was no one other than German Pro skier Flo Geyer. Juri Silvestri (ITA) and Daniel Tschurtschentaler (SÜDT) became 2nd and 3rd.
So done skiing, just drinking. At Luislkellet the skiers showed that skiing wasn't the only thing where they where good at. Well I can't talk much about the party, I can't remember anything that happened after 12 o clock.
At least we can say it was a success, as far as I know....
P.S. don't eat yellow snow!


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