Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010


So here we are again...After the Fabrik Trampoline contest, wich turned out a huge success...(we didn't expect the 500.000 spectators) we needed a brake. Some went to school, some to university and some are still trying to find out if a Whopper at Burger King tastes better than a Big Mac.
But then Jah king of all rastafaraiders sent us some snow and finally we stopped dreaming about naked women like we did the whole summer and started thinking about SKIIING!!!
And so we did some rail and jump sessions...
There will be our first episode online soon....and there you can see Mikes first paragliding tries too...so stay tuned....
P.S. jah is still the king in the castle in ghana....

Montag, 4. Oktober 2010

La Fabrik - TRAMPOLINE CONTEST - Results

1. Venturini Isabell
2. Natalie Nogler Kostner
3. Hannah Volgger

1. Schenk Manuel
2. Volino Antonio

1. Welponer Ralph
2. Gschnitzer Noah
3. Venturini Gabriel

1. Schenk Christof
2. Pattori Ferdinand
3. Demetz Walter