Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

1st T-Shirt collection

Just imagine you're waiting at the "Bar 2000" - bus station. The bus has some delay and you have no choice but to look at Sharons t.... the waitress frome the bar in front of you. You're sweating so much that your T-Shirt is totally wet. What are you doing now? It could be very embarassing if she spots you.
I give you the answer. Run to Mikes house and ask him for one of the new La Fabrik T-shirts. Then run down again to the bus station and do some afterbang (the xxl shirt is perfectly constructed for this).
Soon you'll see some nice results. She stares at you and probably even will lick your lollipop afterwards.

                                                                           Jahmike T-Shirt

                                                                            Bob T-Shirt
   M.B.S. T-Shirt

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