Sonntag, 26. September 2010

1st T-Shirt collection (part two)

After our first T-shirt collection has sold out because of Hulk, meanwhile became our best client He still can't keep himself under control.
So we made a new collection that includes a "Bega" model too. Thanks for the contribution and for helping us.
                                                                              JahPol T-Shirt
                                                                           KyaMüßna T-Shirt                                                 
                                                                              Bega T-Shirt

Donnerstag, 23. September 2010


Hoi Muli. Chest ann ve nvieia LA FABRIK a si prim contest sui trampolini.
Ula? A Urtijei dal Palmer
Can? L fos da rue dala 13:00 per se scri ite. Da 13:30 stlujons l iscrizions.
Ce? L ven fat 3 categories per mutons y una categoria per mutans. L po fe pea duc da 1-99 ani.
Do la qualificazions chir ora na giuria i 4 mieurs de uni categoria che sautra po tle finali.
Premia ven i primes 6 cun biei pesc. N plu giata uni un che fej pea na boan liania y zech da bever.
Per chei che rua a ciale pro ons samben mujiga ma enghe da maie y da bever.
Per autra nformazions lasce n commento oder cherde su:
Michael 3387073719

Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

1st T-Shirt collection

Just imagine you're waiting at the "Bar 2000" - bus station. The bus has some delay and you have no choice but to look at Sharons t.... the waitress frome the bar in front of you. You're sweating so much that your T-Shirt is totally wet. What are you doing now? It could be very embarassing if she spots you.
I give you the answer. Run to Mikes house and ask him for one of the new La Fabrik T-shirts. Then run down again to the bus station and do some afterbang (the xxl shirt is perfectly constructed for this).
Soon you'll see some nice results. She stares at you and probably even will lick your lollipop afterwards.

                                                                           Jahmike T-Shirt

                                                                            Bob T-Shirt
   M.B.S. T-Shirt

Montag, 13. September 2010

La Fabrik goes Pro

You see this shitty quality of the Photo down below? It will not happen again anymore, because the Fabrik is going to collaborate with the Go Pro label. It's just amaaaaaazing and it will be funny for sure too. We're all going to be heros now....hopefully... :-)
So, nothing more to say.....I hope we will have a good collaboration.

The Road to Zion

Like you see in the picture, Bob Mahlknecht tried to climb the road to Zion, always looking up to Jah. But you know, he didn't made it to the end. Obviously it's because he didn't buy the SMILE bandana. On the other hand Mike buyed the LA FABRIK PINK bandana and has now enormous strenght. You can see him lifting up this heavy rock that weights at least 10000 kg. So you can see, we proved again that the bandana has his effects. GO and BUY IT!

Sonntag, 5. September 2010

so was holiday

Mike and Andy went on holiday to make a little bit of pubblicity down in Italy, even if obviously everybody knowns La Fabrik already...
So Andy finally met his brothers. They were a little bit upset, after they heared that Andy is going to be a pro skia, and they only made it to the towel seller on the the same time we also kept an eye out for cameltoes....the camera broke, so we have't a lot of pictures....
 We did a lot of sand buildings, as you can see in the pictures. We had to do something to show this childish immature kids, that we are better... In the evening we went out, and met a lot of chicks, and we understood that acting stupid is not the right way for flirting with somebody.  So, this was Riccione.After a lot of embarrasing moments, we decided to go to Rome and that turned out a Heaven for us. So many bilfs, kilfs, milfs, wasn't even funny anymore...somebody called the pope asked for a SMILE bandana for free, cause he said that he hasnt good times now, because of the child abuse facts...but we didn't gave him one cause nothing is for free, again: "it costs only 4,99 €" pray further oldboy....we showed him the Fabrik sign and went back home...