Sonntag, 29. August 2010

The SMILE bandana

La Fabrik is proud to present our first product. It's the SMILE bandana. It's a musthave for skiers. It has been testet and evolved for many years, and we tested it under the baddest condiscions, and it turned out that the smile on the bandana doesn't dissappear, no matter if you are angry and unhappy, cause your tricks don't wanna work out. So don't wait and buy it, just contact us, otherwise you will never find the road to Zion....

Freitag, 27. August 2010

Area 47 - Edit

So Mike and Ondy went to Area 47 in Austria, wich is a good place for some summer training, and it's also a place were ondy always makes his biggest poos. obviously we can't show you the photo, but its tooo big for internet. So we ended up trying new tricks and jumping into the water all day long. it was very nice, so we haven't to take a shower anymore for at least one week. In the evening we went to Mac Donalds, trying to become fat like Marc Bamba Senoner, but we will never reach this goal... So stay tuned for more blogs...and

P.S. ondy told me that I should not tell anybody that he pissed into the lake....

La Fabrik - da skia company

Hi, i just wanna introduce you to the best, supernatural, invincible and most goodlooking skia company of the world!
We are a group of well trained athlets, exept one, who is a little overweight because he eats even what is on the floor, and what normally you shouldn't eat, like your mama uses to teach you....a part from eating, the fabrik is also able to do some cool tricks, like to let dissapear your nose, and than let it appear again betweet your fingers, we can also make noises with our asses, some say its just bad behaviour and they call it farting, but we belive in our magic skills, and we think one day we can go international with our tricks, and become rich and famous, for more informations, and for more tricks and magic, just follow our blog....

P.S. did you now Kya Bamba is swizzaland?