Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010


Here some shots of Mike made by photographer Kilian Mussner...

Freitag, 24. Dezember 2010

Jib 4 beer - photoooos

Kilian Mussner also known as Kill Bill did some cool shots at the Jib 4 beer contest....
just check out!

Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Where the fuck is Andy??

So I thought that Andy may got a new computer and may was watching new porns on his favourite website...
but in the meantime he was skiin hard, like he usually does. He got10th in Val Thorens (FRA), he got second in Prato Nevoso (Rail contest) after skistar Markus Eder (ITA) and he is now filming wit M. Fabbro and S. Premmstaller for Nissan and Salomon....So Thursday he has to go to school again and will be back skiing in Val Gardena soon....
P.S. andys favourite website starts with the letter y....guess what!

here is the video of Val Thorens!

Montag, 13. Dezember 2010

La Fabrik - episode 5 "Jib 4 beer night"

Jib for beer night presented by La Fabrik

nearly 1 million people came last saturday to wach noumerous pros competing at the "Jib 4 beer night" presented by La Fabrik. And as I sad the host and one of Italy's best skiers Tobi Vinatzer invited the creme de la creme of the Itanian, Austrain and German ski scene. Nobody was nervous cause there weren't  big cheques to win. The price pool was 50 beers.  And the winner was no one other than German Pro skier Flo Geyer. Juri Silvestri (ITA) and Daniel Tschurtschentaler (SÜDT) became 2nd and 3rd.
So done skiing, just drinking. At Luislkellet the skiers showed that skiing wasn't the only thing where they where good at. Well I can't talk much about the party, I can't remember anything that happened after 12 o clock.
At least we can say it was a success, as far as I know....
P.S. don't eat yellow snow!


Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

Jib for beer night

Once again La Farbik da big ski company organised a new contest in collaboration with one of the best italian skiers Tobias Vinatzer. Under the name „jib for beer night“ there will be a night rail jam-session.The fight for the 50 beers price-money will be on and it‘s probably not necessary to mention the motivation for this will be huge and the following after-party will be a baller!!!!
But also for all guests and spectators everything is arranged to be happy. Beside the big action they can for sure expect, a big amount of mull wine and a live DJ will care for an unique ambiance. The kick off will happen with the qualifications from 8pm till 9pm, which will be a jam session. After a short break the best 8 riders will fight in a K.O.-battle for the glorious victory! So as you can see a lot of action and excitement is guaranteed!

19.30: lights/music on!!
20.00-21.00: jam session (qualifications)
+get a beer for a sick trick!!!
21.00-21.30: reshape/chill
21.30-22.30: finals (best 8) KO-system
22.45 -01.00: prizegiving & party at Luislkeller
prizemoney: 50 beers & lots of gadget
Raffaele Cusini
Davide Cusini
Valentino Mori
Andrea Conci
Matthias Fabbro
Lukas Schäfer
Martin Premstaller
Lukas Gasser
Patrick Pattori
Daniel Tschurtschenthaler
Ambros Fürstaller
Matthias Leitner
Hannes Mussner
Bernard Mahlknecht
Michael Mair am Tinkhof
Tobias Vinatzer

Sonntag, 28. November 2010

Powderskiing and Backkountry jumps

It has been a long time since I wrote the last blog, so it's time for a new entry!
First we want to thank Emil Selassie Jah for solving our drinking problem.... we finally got drunk without paying anything... it's snowing now nearly everyday and we did some powder skiing....after that we built a small jump in the backcountry, were Andreas tried to land some Kangoroo flips...´Mike hurt his leg and Pol dikslocated his arm....that's pretty much all....
well....check out the fabrik episode 4...coming up soon!

Sonntag, 7. November 2010

Ski season started right now!!!!

Some people are going to drink a coffe on sunday, some people are reading the newspaper on sunday, some are going to watch a film on sunday, some prefer to masturate on sunday, some dresses up like his mother and are trying to seduce his own father....but we...we go skiiiiing on sunday!
We built a little jump and a rail and then we were making fun about fat people...
before i forget.....look at the fotos made by our stupid but talented photographer Ivan Goller alias G-onor/gonni/cox/blaze/syphilis.

Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010


So here we are again...After the Fabrik Trampoline contest, wich turned out a huge success...(we didn't expect the 500.000 spectators) we needed a brake. Some went to school, some to university and some are still trying to find out if a Whopper at Burger King tastes better than a Big Mac.
But then Jah king of all rastafaraiders sent us some snow and finally we stopped dreaming about naked women like we did the whole summer and started thinking about SKIIING!!!
And so we did some rail and jump sessions...
There will be our first episode online soon....and there you can see Mikes first paragliding tries stay tuned....
P.S. jah is still the king in the castle in ghana....